1. I worry that whenever I eat during the day, bloating and distension in my abdomen will get worse

    2. I get anxious when I go to a new restaurant

    3. I often worry about the problems in my gut

    4. I have a difficulty enjoying myself because I cannot get my mind off of discomfort in my gut

    5. I often fear that I will not be able to have a normal bowel movement

    6. Because of fear of developing abdominal discomfort, I rarely try new foods

    7. No matter what I eat, I will probably feel uncomfortable

    8. As soon as I feel abdominal discomfort, I begin to worry and feel anxious

    9. When I enter a place I haven’t been before, one of the first things I do is to look for a bathroom

    10. I am constantly aware of the sensations in my gut

    11. I often worry that the discomfort in my gut could be a sign of a serious illness

    12. As soon as I wake up, I worry that I will have discomfort in my gut during the day

    13. When I feel uncomfortable sensations in my gut, it frightens me

    14. In stressful situations, my gut bothers me a lot

    15. I constantly think about what is happening inside my digestive tract

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