STOP the plastic tide

Today, Marine Conservation Society published beach litter report, which reveals the tide of plastic has risen to a whopping 70% of all the rubbish that is found.

We mustn't let drinks cups, plastic cutlery, straws, plastic bottles, lids and stirrers replace sea life. They're used for a moment but last a lifetime in our oceans.

Join their their call to get levies introduced across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on single-use plastic items such as plastic cups and lids, straws, plates and cutlery.

To sign the petition:

Diet & climate change

1/3 of our influence on climate change and land use is related to our diet and the food chain.

It can be uncomfortable to reflect on own dietary habits in view of how sustainable they are. We are used to the idea that we can eat what we like, when, and as much as we like with no consequences to anyone else, except, perhaps, ourselves.