In the culture that we live in, we are surrounded by images of cisgender, white women in thin bodies. This is not representative of the population and leaves A LOT of people feeling invisible and ‘imperfect’. Research has shown that seeing those images of thin bodies maintain the female ideal and programme the mind to strive for it. Here are some tips on the first steps towards improving your body image: Reduce imagery of very small women from your media feed. Only 2% of the images we see on a regular basis are plus-size women (size 14+). This distorts our perception of body size distribution in our society. Images of smaller women are absolutely fine as plenty of people are naturally thin. Your goal is not to demonise small bodies, but to make your image intake more balanced. Whichever social media platforms you use most frequently, find people to follow that are different to you. Whether it’s their body size, skin colour, ability or sexual orientation. Let your social media represent the world you live in rather the skewed picture that we are being ‘fed’ every day by the mainstream media. Expose yourself to the new images on a regular basis. The more you see, the more normalised different body shapes will become.